On Starting a Blog

I have been trying to start this damn blog for weeks and weeks. I have upwards of twenty unfinished draft posts, and I am always way too afraid to post them. Why? Because I’m afraid of judgement! I am afraid that people will see the description of the blog and think, “What the hell does Maura know about ambition?”

But ya know what? Who fucking cares.

I mean, isn’t that the whole point of this blog? In today’s world- in all of history’s world- women are shamed for acting on their ambition and their dreams. There are countless times that I have pitched an idea, only to be told that I’m too “idealist.” Geez, I hate that condescending word.

But, I am going to stop the negativity there. I want my blog to be a positive space for young, ambitious women to visit when they are tired of the negativity they face on a day to day basis. This is a blog that will shamelessly celebrate and promote the major qualities of young ambitious women: strength, candor, grit, and creativity.

How will I do this?

Realist Woman of the Week

Every Monday, I will post a “Realist Woman of the Week” (RWoW). The RWoW is a woman who does things that she is surely called an idealist for. This could be someone who started her own company, to someone who traveled around the world in one year, to someone who is writing her own book. The point is to redefine what is considered “realistic.” These are women who are doing amazing, real things due to their amazing, real strengths.

Weekly Lessons

Every Friday, I will publish an essay about a lesson I learned that week. This could be about anything. For example, I will probably post a lot about lessons I have learned from job hunting– as that is something I am currently pursuing. Another example would be a lesson about organizing events or people. Pretty much anything that I have learned which has helped me advance my own ambitions.

Personal Essays

Outside of these strict post deadlines, I will occasionally post essays or articles about certain opinions or experiences that I have experienced which have transformed me into who I am today. I will also post submissions from other women writers!

Atlanta Snapshots

And finally, just for fun, I might occasionally post about cool things to do in Atlanta since this is an Atlanta-based blog. Probably full of instagram-worthy photos.


So, there you have it. This is the current game plan of my blog. I hope that the content is relevant to you and that you will contribute if you feel like you have something to say!




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Maura Fitzpatrick

Bryn Mawr College '17. Political Science Major. Organizer. Runner. Writer.

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